Hibiscus Rose Restorative Face Lotion


BRIGHTEN & RESTORE your skin's vitality with our Hibiscus Rose Restorative Face Lotion formulated for maturing skin and outdoor lovers. This luxurious mid-weight lotion is perfect for daily use or can be applied more heavily overnight. You'll swoon over the gorgeous natural pink hue of this lotion, a result of infusing rose and hibiscus petals in the formula.

Packed with age-defying ingredients like hibiscus, rose petal and rosehip extracts which brighten and tone the skin. Hibiscus is a natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids which reduce hyperpigmentation and restore elasticity. Rice bran and hibiscus oil are rich in antioxidants that soften and repair skin damaged by sun exposure, air pollution and other environmental stressors. Camellia and rice bran oils are deeply moisturizing and also some of the fastest-absorbing carrier oils giving this face lotion a luxurious, rich texture without a heavy skin feel.

56 g / 2 oz in a glass jar.