CITRA Crème Whipped Body Butter


Crème is a rich and nourishing whipped body butter that melts as it warms on your skin, sealing in moisture and forming a protective barrier on the skin. Crème is a heavy-lifting lightweight. Deeply rich, yet light and fluffy; decadence in a jar.

Our waterless formulation features ultra-healing organic shea and cacao butter whipped up with two quick-absorbing carrier oils: organic safflower oil and rice bran oil. We selected these for their ability to absorb into the skin quickly and provide heavy duty moisturizing effects without the heavy, greasy feel typical of body butters made with coconut oil.

100g | 3.17 oz reusable glass jar with metal lid


Store away from heat and out of direct sunlight 
Always use clean, dry hands when scooping lotion out of the jar
Shelf life of 3 months

Ideal for:

  • chapped, red and irritated skin spots
  • soothing dry or cracked heels and elbows 
  • those needing longer-lasting moisture than a body lotion
  • protecting the skin from harsh environmental conditions

Natural Scent

BERGAMOT* | CYPRESS (bergaptene-free)* (Original 100% essential oil blend)

citrusy + woodsy; bergamot has a complex earthy citrus scent and is commonly used to scent Earl Grey tea. Bergamot is balanced with a little sharp and woodsy cypress. Note that the shea and cocoa butter in this formula add a sweet and subtly chocolate note to the essential oil blend.