Erin HollingsHead

Selkie Gathering Print


This artwork was made using a printmaking method called Block Printing (also known as relief printmaking, linocut or woodcut prints!)

First the design is sketched out my  on a soft, rubbery material, then carved.

Once  carving is complete, then ink is rolled onto it and press/stamp it down onto a piece of paper. This process is done by hand, repeatedly rolling ink onto the carving and then stamping it down for every print that is made! Each print is considered an original piece of art (as each one is produced by hand and nothing is done digitally). Since each print is made by hand, there will be very small uniquenesses to each print made.

The total size of the print is 8.5 x 11 inches - very easy to frame! It is printed on a 80 lb white smooth card paper that is acid free.