Ionantha Air PlantIonantha Air Plant

This air plant is one of our most popular. They are approx. 3 years old and approx. 3" 

Photo shows a sample of the air plant - each one is different but the one you receive will be similar.

Given the name air plants (or tillandsia) because they don’t root in soil, air plants actually get their nutrients from the humid, warm air in the tropical regions where they grow. Using their roots, they grasp on to tree branches high in the canopy. They love the filtered light & moist environment.

To care for your air plant, simply place it in indirect light or in a window that gets sun for part of the day. Mist it every few days with lukewarm water or soak it once a week in lukewarm water for at least half an hour.

Air plants will flower once in their lives in the right conditions. Flowers can last up to a few months. After flowering, the plant will start to grow a baby, attached to it. Once the baby has grown large enough, detach it for a new air plant!


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