Language of Flowers Riso Print


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Language of Flowers Riso Print
Language of Flowers Riso Print

This print is inspired by the Victorian era obsession with "floriography" - wherein flowers were assigned different meanings and used to send cryptic messages, allowing people to reveal feelings which could not otherwise be spoken aloud in their society. This print is a new kind of "floral dictionary".

Artwork by Olivia Mew

Size 11 x 17"

Materials  Riso printed on 67lb cover weight paper

Riso printing is a process best described as a mix of screenprinting and photocopying. The charm of riso printing is their imperfections. Slight registration shifts and opacity changes can happen as the paper moves through the machine, making each print potentially unique.These are not considered flaws.

Frame not included

Made in Canada

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Language of Flowers Riso Print
Language of Flowers Riso Print

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